Meeting of SC-06-04, 2003-10

Report of the SC-06-04 Working Group on Internet Audio Delivery Systems of the SC-06 Subcommittee on Network and File Transfer of Audio meeting, held in conjunction with the AES 115th Convention in New York City, NY, US, 2003-10-09

The meeting was convened by T. Sporer in place of Chair K. Brandenburg who was unable to be present.

The agenda and the report of the previous meeting were approved without changes.

Development projects

AES-X-074 Recommended Practices for Internet Audio Quality Descriptions (IAQUAD)
A new version of the document had been edited by the secretariat and sent to the SC-06-04 document site. The standards manager pointed out that he had waited for the report of the previous meeting before he amended the document. He also pointed out that there remained some open points prohibiting progress to a Call for Comment.

It was decided to go line by line through the new version to fill in all gaps and to improve the text when necessary. The new version was made available immediately after the meeting on the working group document site. Essential changes are:

  • ITU-R BS.1548-1 has been added to the references;
  • The level "Near CD quality" can be reached either testing based on ITU-R BS.1116-1 or based on ITU-R BS.1387-1 (PEAQ) in conjunction;
  • Test material will not be available online, but a list of references to test material will be online.
A task group led by D. Ranada will create a list of 10 essential test items and a list of optional test items, to be published on that list. The following persons were proposed to be in that task group: A. Mason, Ulf Wuestenhagen, B. Feiten and G. Soloudre. Due to the fact that these persons were not present at the meeting the confirmation of their participation is awaited. Interested parties on testing of audio codecs are invited to propose material to the task group. The Technical Committee on Audio Coding will be asked which items from the AES Audio Codec Demonstration CD might be adequate for testing audio codecs.

The list collected by the task group, and agreed by the working group, should be send to the standards secretary as soon as possible for inclusion in the document.


Consultation will be sought with ITU-R WP6Q and EBU B/AIM on the IAQUAD document AES-X074.

New projects

No new projects were proposed.

New business

There was no new business.

The next meeting is scheduled to be held in conjunction with the AES 116th Convention in Berlin, Germany, 2004-05.

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