October 2002 meeting of SC-06-02

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Report of SC-06-02 Working Group on Audio Applications Using the High Performance Serial Bus (IEEE 1394) of the SC-06 Subcommittee on Network and File Transfer of Audio meeting, held in conjunction with the AES 113th Convention, Los Angeles, CA, US, 2002-10-04

Chair J. Strawn convened the meeting.

The agenda and the report of the previous meeting were approved as written.

Maintenance projects

AES24-1-R Review of AES24-1-1998 (Revision of AES24-1-1995) AES standard for sound system control - Application protocol for controlling and monitoring audio devices via digital data networks - Part 1: principles, formats, and basic procedures
No progress was reported.

AES24-2-R Monitoring of progress of AES24-2-tu AES standard for sound system control - Application protocol for controlling and monitoring audio systems - Part 2: class tree
No progress was reported.

AES-X101 Data Type, Properties, and Method Definitions for Audio Device Application Program Interfaces (API)
K. Dalbjorn has written the document now posted to SC-06-02's document site. No objections having been received over the SC-06-02 reflector, the document will be published as a final report (with thanks to Klas), and the project will be retired.

Current projects

AES-X75 IEC Liaison for New Work Project Initiated by Passage of IEC-PAS 61883-6 (1998-06)
Osakabe-san of Sony sent a written report. Yoshio-san of Pioneer reported to the meeting. The highlights are:
  • Final Draft for International Standard (FDIS) for IEC 61883-1 Ed.2, 100/557/FDIS was circulated to P-members of IEC TC100. Voting terminates on November 15, 2002.
  • IEC 61883-6 voting took place and has been approved. Final IS should be released by the end of 2002 or early 2003.
  • 1394TA Specification "A&M DT Protocol 2.1" will probably be proposed by Japan NC to IEC to become a new IEC61883 standard.
  • The IEC61883-6 FDIS is available to WG members via the AESSC FTP site.
Osakabe-san's document has been uploaded as x75-osakabe-021002.pdf on SC-06-02's portion of the AES Web site. The diagram on the last page, showing the relationship of IEEE 1394-1995, the IEC 61883-x group, the IEC 60958-x group, the IEC 61937-x group, IEC 62286, and IEC 62105, is especially helpful and appreciated.

AES-X126 Professional Audio over 1394
AES-X126 Professional Audio over 1394 is assigned to SC-06-02-G. SC-06-02-G met the same day. A document is being discussed; it will probably be broken into several projects. A telephone conference call will be arranged for early in 2003.

AES-X127: Liaison with IEEE 1394.1
The ballot review committee of 1394.1 has received extensive comments and hopes to review them by the end of the year. S. Harris suggests that a 1394.1 expert present a tutorial on 1394.1 to the WG at the next meeting.

AES-X132 Synchronization of Audio over IEEE 1394
T. Thaler of BridgeCo awaits the final version of 1394.1 before proposing a document.

Other liaison reports

1394 TA
A formal project has still not yet been established, JMS will set that in motion.

Fujimori-san of Yamaha gave an overview of the status of the 1394 TA's A&M Protocol version 2.1. The file 1394ta-fujimori-021004.ppt on the SC-06-02 download site has his report. The last slide is especially helpful, it shows the slight differences between versions 2.0 and 2.1 of the A&M Protocol.

New business

K. Dalbjorn initiated a discussion of power over 1394 on the SC-06-02-G reflector that has now been moved to the SC-06-02 reflector. He provided the document X126-DALBJORN-1394b-CAT5e-021001.pdf, which has been uploaded to the SC-06-02 site.

The next meeting is scheduled to be held in conjunction with the AES 114th Convention in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

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