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November 2001 meeting of SC-02-01

[Last printing 25 April 2002] Report of the SC-02-01 Working Group on Digital Measurement Techniques of the SC-05 Subcommittee on Digital Audio meeting, held in conjunction with the AES 111th Convention in New York City, NY, US, 2001-11-28.

Vice-Chair I. Dennis convened the meeting. The agenda and the report from the previous meeting at the AES 109th Convention were approved as written.

Current development projects

AES-6id-R Review of AES-6id-2000 AES information document for digital audio -- Personal computer audio quality measurements

The group noted that S. Harris has stepped down from task group SC-02-01-E, to which the project is assigned, so someone new is needed to lead it. The group agreed that Harris will be asked if he can recommend someone else and, if not, then other working groups and companies involved in this technology will be approached.

T. Kite asked whether any PC manufacturers were using the document, or if it is embodied in any Microsoft-Intel hardware standards. He asked if it might be redundant given the wide adoption of the PC industry's own PC99 document. No answers were forthcoming.

AES17-R Review of AES17-1998 AES standard method for digital audio equipment -- Measurement of digital audio equipment

No action was taken.

AES-X88 Objective Evaluation of Perceived Audio Quality, PEAQ

No report was available from task-group SC-02-01-B, to which the project is assigned. The working group agreed to a target date of 2002-05 for a status report.

AES-X102 Liaison With IEC MT61606

J. Dunn said that he had attended the recent IEC MT61606 meeting, and that the deadline for AES comments and contributions to the standard (especially the 'Studio' part) was imminent, but that nothing had been done.

It was agreed by all that the opportunity should not be wasted, and it was agreed that a meeting of interested SC-02-01 members would be held on the following morning to compose an urgent preliminary response to IEC documents 100/412/CD and 100/413/CD. Dennis, Dunn, Kite, P. Berry and S. Lyman agreed to participate.

AES-X118 ITU study group 6 liaison

It was noted by several present that metering for digital overload prevention and for subjective loudness assessment seem to be quite different requirements. It was therefore suggested that two AESSC projects be initiated for two projects, one to consider recommendations for metering for digital overload prevention, and the other to pursue the question of loudness metering.

It was agreed that the first will be progressed by a task group comprising Dunn, J. Schmidt, Lyman (B. Katz to be invited to participate). [Secretariat note: SC-02-01-D was set up.] A project initiation form shall be submitted by 2002-05.

Dennis asked for volunteers for a task group to pursue the loudness metering project. None was forthcoming. There was general feeling that this is not yet a standards issue. It was suggested that the Technical Council be asked to assign it to a Technical Committee to research the subject. Nunn warned of possible legal difficulties if Technical Committees addressed standards issues.

M. Yonge said that he would modify the project scope documents accordingly and liaise with the ITU.

New projects

No report available

New Business

No report available

The next meeting is scheduled to be held in conjunction with the AES 112th Convention in Munich, Germany.

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