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May 2001 meeting of SC-05-05

[Last printing 22 May 2001] Report of the SC-05-05 Working Group on Grounding and EMC Practices of the SC-05 Subcommittee on Interconnections meeting, held in conjunction with the AES 110th Convention in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 2001-05-11

Chair B. Olson convened the meeting. The agenda and the report from the previous meeting were approved as written.

Current development projects

AES-X13 Guidelines for Grounding

The current proposed working group draft (X13-PWD-AES30JB010507.PDF) that is on the FTP site was discussed. It was agreed that it does represent the consensus of the group given a few editorial revisions.

Most of the forward will be converted to an Introduction. Some of the current forward will be integrated into the Informative Annex.

The alternatives for and will be combined and were discussed at the meeting. J. Brown will revise and incorporate in the document.

The 3.5.2 clause was discussed and an alternative wording will be provided by J. Woodgate.

The informative annex clauses will be numbered.

It was also agreed that this document should be worded specifically so that it is clear that it refers to analog audio interconnections only.

Woodgate presented results of a series of measurements using three test jigs designed to test the effectiveness of terminating the shield as proposed in the PWD. He also showed the test jig itself for the last of the measurements.

AES-X27 Test Methods for Measuring Electromagnetic Interference Susceptibility in Balanced Line-Level Interconnections

Discussion ensued on whether the IRT documents would help us in defining this test method. The group felt that they would not be.

The group felt that some measurements need to be made on injection of the signal via the appropriate EMC requirements to determine an appropriate level for a signal that could be directly applied between the chassis and pin1 of a piece of equipment. T. Waldron agreed to see if he could do this.

Once it decides on this level, the group felt that B. Whitlock's suggestion of a test signal could then be used with this direct injection method.

AES-X35 Installation Wiring Practices

It is clear to the group that this document intent should change to an Information Document. An outline will be prepared by the chair to guide the revision of this document and will be posted.

AES-X112 Non-conductive outer surface XLR connector

This nascent project is currently assigned to SC-05-02. SC-05-02 has suggested that SC-05-05 should create an information document on applications of connectors for facilities. This group agreed that the transfer of this project would be appropriate. B.C. Olson will prepare the project authorization.

New projects

A new project to create an Information document on input filtering techniques was discussed. Woodgate will prepare a project initiation request.

New Business

There was no new business.

The next meeting is scheduled to be held in conjunction with the AES 111th Convention in New York, New York, US.

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