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May 2001 meeting of SC-05-02

[Last printing 22 May 2001] Report of the SC-05-02 Working Group on Single-Programme Connections of the SC-05 Subcommittee on Interconnections meeting, held in conjunction with the AES 110th Convention in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 2001-05-11

The vice chair of SC-05, J. Woodgate, convened the meeting. The agenda and the report from the previous meeting were approved as written.

Current development projects

AES14-R Review of AES14-1992 (r1998) AES standard for professional audio equipment -- Application of connectors, part 1, XLR-type polarity and gender

The table does not mention mid-side (M-S) microphones, and it was agreed that an entry should be added. Liaison is necessary with SC-04-04 to produce unambiguous definitions of M and S (M = A+B, S = A-B?). This work could be input for a revision of IEC60268-4, which has been proposed.
AES45-R Review of AES45-2001, AES standard for single programme connectors -- Connectors for loudspeaker-level patch panels ,s
One comment received on the CFC was responded to by the secretariat and the standard has been published. Discussion on second-sourcing of the connectors was deferred, pending resolution of litigation between manufacturers.

AES-X11 Fiber-Optic Audio Connections: Connectors and Cables Being Used and Considered for Audio

The new SC-05-02-F writing group on fibre-optic connectors is not meeting at Amsterdam. This group should examine the programme of work of IEC SC86C. AES-10 (MADI) now includes a fibre-optic option using the 'ST-1' connector, which is multi-sourced but apparently not included in any connector standard, or in the programme of SC86C. SC-05-2-F is invited to study this connector and decide whether to include it in AES32-TU and whether to propose to SC86C to make an IEC standard for it or include it in an existing planned publication. AES-X92 (Audio over ATM) may use fibre-optic connectors. SC-05-02-F should also study this subject.

AES-X40 TRS Connectors

The draft has been published as AES-R3. The project continues to run and an amendment to this report can be prepared at any time.

AES-X105 Modified XLR-3 Connector for Digital Microphones

SC-02-02 is now discussing a dedicated connector. SC-05-02 is invited to prepare a standard. It appears that this work should lead to an early amendment of the 'XLR' standard IEC61076-2-103, currently at the 2CD stage (comment date expired in April) in IEC. SC-05-02 should prepare a draft with fully-dimensioned drawings and full specification details where necessary. It was agreed not to consider the work in SC-05-05 on an electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) cable connector at this stage, because this connector should be wholly reserved for digital audio, which has quite different EMC characteristics from those of low-level analogue audio (Increased r.f emission threat, much higher immunity to common-mode signals at all frequencies). It was noted that the connector is expected to be identified by a marker band. The removability of the key should be an option, not a requirement. M. Natter will be invited to produce a draft.

AES-X112 Non-conductive outer surface XLR connector

It was agreed that the subject was not suitable for a standard and SC-05 should be asked to transfer it to SC-05-05 for the production of an Information Document.

AES-X113 Universal female phone jack

This is a connector that is specified to be able to accept both IEC60603-11 and B-gauge 6,35 mm connectors. Such a connector would be valuable for test equipment and for products interfacing with both consumer and professional interconnections. Woodgate produced a draft application for the currently nascent project which was modified by the group and submitted to SC-05.

New projects

Insulated panel-mounting XLR connectors: It was agreed that J. Brown would produce a project initiation request. A moulded insulator exists as and drawing may be available. Woodgate will investigate. A grounding clip for the shells of such connectors should also be included in the project: this could be useful for other applications.

EMC-able connector: To follow SC-05-05 work, a standard for this connector will be required. Brown will prepare a project initiation request.

New Business

There was no new business.

The next meeting is scheduled to be held in conjunction with the AES 111th Convention in New York, New York, US.

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