SC-04-04 meeting, Online, 2021-05

Report of the Meeting of the SC-04-04 Working Group on Microphone measurement and characterization, held online, 2021-05-20

The working group Chair position is currently empty so was convened by Vice-Chair David Josephson.

The patent policy was read, the agenda and report of the previous meeting held 2020-10-09 online were approved.

In attendence were Richard Cabot, David Ranada, David Josephson, David Prince, Erhard Werner, Steve Thompson, Charlie Hughes, Thomas Gmeiner, David M Andrews, David Satz.

Open projects

AES42-R Review of AES42-2010: AES Standard for Acoustics - Digital interface for microphones
AES-42R has had editorial revisions to replace insensitive language. There was a brief discussion of continued interface with WGs working on remote control of parameters over a network link, but primarily for control of microphone preamplifiers, input channels and wireless transmitters, which are outside the scope of SC-04-04. Rich Cabot to change the intent of this project to passive from stabilized.

AES-X085 Detailed Professional Microphone Specifications
AES-X085 remains principally a vehicle for formulating AES advice to IEC for revision of the microphone standard IEC 60268-4. This is an ongoing but low intensity project.


There is no liaison work now underway. There is not a revision scheduled for IEC 60268-4 or 61938, the two standards where SC-04-04 has provided experts in the past.

New projects

No new projects.

New business:

No new business.

The next meeting will be scheduled in conjunction with the AES 151st Convention, to be held online in October 2021.

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