SC-02-08 meeting, online, 2020-10

Report of the meeting of the SC-02-08 Working Group on audio file transfer and exchange, held online, 2020-10-05.

The meeting was convened by chair Piotr Majdak.

The formal notice on patent policy was read.

The agenda and the report of the previous meeting, held online on 2020-05-26 were approved as written.

In attendence were Richard Cabot, John Grant, Paul Treleaven, Piotr Majdak, Stephen Scott, Olivier Chambin, Mauricio de Cunto, Anthony Kuzub, Wataru Hatano, Junichi Yoshio, Kaylie Ackerman, Brian Vessa, Scott Norcross, Julien De Muynke, David Prince.

Projects assigned to this group but not mentioned here had no action requested or required - see for details.

Open Projects

AES31-3-R Review of AES31-3-2008 (r2013), AES standard for network and file transfer of audio - Audio-file transfer and exchange - Part 3: Simple project interchange. including maintenance of annex F.
AES31-3 revision needs to be finalized and circulated. The revision incorporates the recent amendment which revised annex F that specifies a SMPTE Universal Label to be used in clause "ADL version header" to identify an audio decision list (ADL).

AES69-R Review of AES69-2015: AES standard for file exchange - Spatial acoustic data file format
The updated version is complete and should be ready for a Call For Comment this year. The chair reviewed the major changes to the document:

  • New spatially continuous representation of emitters and receivers
  • New data types
  • New general conventions
  • New convention describing directivities
  • New conventions describing complex spatial room impulse responses
  • New conventions describing HRTFs represented in a spatially continuous way
  • Information about 'SOFA' as a registered media type
  • Bug fixing and clarifications
  • SOFAVersion = 2.0
After the CFC the group will work on tools and examples for download.

The chair then answered questions about implementation of the new standard.


Nothing to report.

New projects

No new projects were proposed.

New business

No new business was proposed.

The next meeting will be scheduled in conjunction with the AES 150th Convention, to be held online in May 2021.

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