SC-04-08 meeting report, New York, NY, 2018-10

Report of the meeting of the SC-04-01 Working Group on Sound Source Modeling, of the SC-04 Subcommittee on Acoustics, held in New York, NY, 2018-10-19

The meeting was convened by vice-chair Bruce Olson.

In attendance were Richard Cabot, Bruce Olson, Joel Britto

The previous meeting was held in Budapest in 2012. Mr Olson read through the posted report from that meeting adding commentary where appropriate.

For the remainder of the meeting the group discussed the merits of continuing the working group vs shutting it down and the impact on each of the open projects.

Open projects

AES-X193: Sound source modeling - Array and cluster radiation measurements
B Olson and R Cabot discussed the challenge of getting forward progress on this project. J Britto voiced the opinion that users were generallly satisfied with the tools they currently had for this task. Software manufacturers don't have a strong modivation to make their products cross compatible. B Olson reviewed the previous development progress on AES-56 and its origins in SC-04-03.

It was generally felt that continuation of this project was unlikely to yield any substantive progress and it should be retired. If interest arises in the future it can be revived.

AES56-R Review of AES56-2008 (r2014), AES standard on acoustics - Sound source modeling - Loudspeaker polar radiation measurements
The attendes felt that maintenance of this standard can be passed to another group. It seems most logical to pass it to SC-04-03.

AES-5id-R Review of AES-5id-1997 (r2014): AES information document for room acoustics and sound-reinforcement systems - Loudspeaker modeling and measurement - Frequency and angular resolution for measuring, presenting and predicting loudspeaker polar data.
Since this is an information document it is not subject to the same maintenance requirements as a standard. The group concluded that it can be changed to inactive status and placed under SC-00.


Nothing to report.

New Projects

No new projects were proposed.

New Business

The working group agreed that SC-04-01 will be retired.

AES-X193 will be retired. Maintenance of AES56 will be passed to SC-04-03. AES-5id will become inactive and be assigned to SC-00.

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