SC-02-02 meeting, Milan, 2018-5

Report of the meeting of the SC-02-02 working group on digital audio interfaces, of the subcommittee on digital audio, held in Milan, Italy, 2018-05-25.

The meeting was convened at 13:40 by chair J. Grant.

Present were J Grant, M Natter, P Treleaven, R Cabot, M Poimbeuf - by electronic link, C Becker-Foss - by electronic link, B Harris - by electronic link, K Gross - by electronic link

The formal notice on patent policy was read.

Discussion of AES5 was moved to the end of the agenda, out of consideration for those calling in from the US.

The agenda, and the report of the previous meeting, held in New York, 2017-10-19, were approved as written.

Projects assigned to this group but not mentioned here had no action requested or required - see for details.

Open projects:

AES3-4-R: Review of AES3-4-2009 (r2014), AES standard for digital audio - Digital input-output interfacing - Serial transmission format for two-channel linearly represented digital audio data - Part 4: Physical and electrical
AES-2id-R: Review of AES-2id-2006 (r2012): AES information document for digital audio engineering - Guidelines for the use of the AES3 interface
The revised drafts offered by J Paul in the New York meeting have not materialised.

AES10-R: Review of AES10-2008: AES Recommended Practice for Digital Audio Engineering - Serial Multichannel Audio Digital Interface (MADI)
AES-10id-R Review of AES-10id-2005 (r2011): AES information document for digital audio engineering - Engineering guidelines for the multichannel audio digital interface (MADI) AES10
No proposals for revision have been received.

AES53-R, Review of AES53-2006 (r2011), AES Standard for digital audio - Digital input-output interfacing - Sample-accurate timing in AES47
Secretariat formatting, to include changes suggested in an e-mail from J Fletcher of 19th September 2017, is awaited.

AES41-x-R Review of AES41-x-2012: AES standard for digital audio - Audio-embedded metadata (all five parts)
AES55-R, Review of AES55-2012: AES standard for digital audio engineering - Carriage of MPEG Surround in an AES3 bitstream
These were reaffirmed and will be moved to passive status.

AES5-R: Review of AES5-2008 (r2013): AES recommended practice for professional digital audio - Preferred sampling frequencies for applications employing pulse-code modulation
After a lively discussion, a revised text was agreed and has been uploaded to the document area. This text omits the table of video frame rates, which is arguably out of scope for AES. B Harris to draft text for an informative annex to be added in a further revision. M Poimboeuf and K Gross to draft a liaison to SMPTE.

Old projects:

AES-R4-R: Review of AES-R4 2007: Guidelines for AES standard for digital audio - Digital input-output interfacing - Transmission of digital audio over asynchronous transfer mode (ATM) networks, AES47
AES-R6-R: Review of AES-R6-2011, Guidelines for AES50 (HRMAI)
These reports have been stabilised.


No liaison activity was reported.

New projects

No new projects were proposed.

New business

No new business was raised.

The meeting closed at 15:30.
The next meeting will be scheduled in conjunction with the AES 145th Convention, to be held 17 to 20 October 2018 in New York, NY, US.

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