SC-07-01 meeting, Berlin, 2014-04

Report of the meeting of the SC-07-01 Working group on Audio Metadata held in Berlin, Germany, 2014-04-28.

The meeting was convened by chair C. Chambers.

The agenda and the report of the previous meeting, held in New York, US, 2013-10-19, were approved as written.

Projects assigned to this group but not mentioned here had no action requested or required - see for details.

Open Projects:

AES60-R Review of AES60-2011, AES standard for audio metadata - Core audio metadata
This project has an outstanding goal to harmonize with EBU T3293 as appropriate. The EBU metadata group has just published T3293 version 1.5 with the new audio model. The EBU representative of this group highlighted the changes to this latest version as they would affect AES60. The proposed updates had already been sent through to the e-mail reflector and these were discussed in some detail. At least half the proposed changes have come about to enable an RDF model to be more easily implemented while key additions have been added labelled "audioFormatExtended", along with the new embedded audio model that will be discussed as a part of a revised AES-X220 project. The remainder of the items are relatively minor or do not affect the audio elements.

The meeting discussed at length how the Audio Model should be incorporated with AES60 and it was concluded that the general updates to AES60 can be handled as a direct revision of our current publication while the audio model element with be first reviewed by AES-X220 to ensure it meets the wider industry requirements before incorporation into AES60.

The new schema can also replace the version hosted on the AES site to bring the latest version into use once the updates to AES60 have been implemented.

Development Projects:

AES-X071 Liaison with SMPTE Registration Authority
Note for information: it was stated that the EBU have put their core metadata model into class 13 of the SMPTE metadata dictionary.

AES-X098C Administrative metadata for audio objects - Process history schema
This is still awaiting action by D. Ackerman.

AES-X114 Metadata review
Nothing to report on this occasion.

AES-X155 AES standard for audio metadata - Production recording metadata set (iXML)
The secretary has now had discussions with industry and they supported the iXML implementation having a deal more rigor applied before publication. This now having been done, the secretary will re-write the current draft as a satellite of AES60 (the core) and aims to have this complete later in the summer 2014. Please study the draft in the document site when it becomes available and fed back any further comments to the groups reflector as soon as possible as it is hoped that this document can proceed to the next stage as quickly as possible.


The ITU-R have requested a liaison on the audio model work.

New Projects:

AES-X220 (nascent) Professional audio definition model review
Scope: To review the EBU audio definition model, Tech 3364v1.0 and amend if required to fit within the existing AES60 framework standard to ensure that key items are both easily and consistently implemented.

It was proposed that the scope of AES-X220 is revised to cover the process of reviewing the EBU Audio model to ensure that it covers the wider audio industry requirements. It was agreed that it would be important to feed any such requirements back to the EBU and it was stated that this would be a very useful process to promote industry interoperability.

AES-X224 Best Practices for the Management of Embedded Metadata in Audio Files
scope: to create a guide for manufacturers of audio hardware, software and computer platforms describing best practices for the management of metadata embedded in audio files.

It was agreed that this was a very interesting project and subsequent to the meeting it was agreed that the chairman would discuss the way forward as requested by the project proposer (C. Lacinak). Hopefully following this, this project could progress.

New business:

There was no new business.

The next meeting will be scheduled in conjunction with the AES 137th Convention in Los Angeles, CA., US., 9 to 12 October 2014.

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