Comments on REAFFIRMATION of AES17-1998

last updated 2010-03-09

Comments to date on REAFFIRMATION of AES17-1998 (r2004), AES standard method for digital audio equipment - Measurement of digital audio equipment ,
published 2009-12-07 for comment.

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Comment received from Tomlinson Holman, 2009-12-09

Suggest clarifying the definition of 0 dB FS as it is routinely misused. No change in the implied definition is needed, simply clarification recognizing that a sine wave at 0 dB FS defines the level.

Response from Steve Harris

I recently received your comment about AES-17 reaffirmation. As chair of SC-02, it falls upon me to respond.

There is work underway in SC02-01 to make substantial revisions to AES17, please refer to the notes from the most recent SC02-01 meeting. This work will include clarifying the definition of 0dBFS. In the meantime, the five year reaffirmation cycle of AES standards forces us to re-affirm the current AES-17 document while we continue our work on the major revision.

I hope you can accept this approach.

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