Comments on DRAFT REVISED AES69-xxxx

last updated 2022-07-14

Comments to date on DRAFT AES69-xxxx AES standard for file exchange - Spatial acoustic data file format,
published 2022-07-14 for comment.

Comment received from Fabian Brinkmann, 2022-07-20

The units hertz and kelvin are misspelled in the entire document. They are capitalized, but should be written in lower case to be conform with SI units. This was discussed in the Standards-Group and seems to be an error in the copy-editing process.

We were following the attached recommendation from the National Institute of Standards ( and would thus suggest to use strict lower case spelling and full names, i.e., 'hertz' and 'kelvin'.

Response from R. Cabot, 2022-08-04

If the Working Group wishes to change all occurrences to lower case these changes would be editorial and will not require a new comment period.

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