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Comments to date on DRAFT REVISED AES31-2-xxxx, AES standard on network and file transfer of audio - Audio-file transfer and exchange - File format for transferring digital audio data between systems of different type and manufacture,
published 2012-12-03 for comment.

The comment period has closed.

Comment received from Hedd Morfett-Jones, 2012-12-03

Some editorial comments:

  1. B.5 and B.16 are references to the same edition of the same document. Ref 5 is formatted inconsistently with the rest of the references.
  2. E.3.1 SMPTE S320M-1999 reference includes a spurious closing quote mark.
  3. G.1 last paragraph has been split in two with a newline between 'bext' and the closing quote mark.
  4. J.2 and J.3 include changes in font size around references to "R 128".
  5. J.2 and J.3 are inconsistent in their formatting of titles of references (italic?)
  6. (trivial) In clause 2 there is inconsistency over whether the semicolon in references should be bold, and the length of punctuation dashes is en-dash in the first two titles and only hyphens in the last one.

Response from Secretariat

Thank you, Hedd,

  1. Agreed. This appears to have come from merging the informative references of the original document and the amendment 1 of 2008. I'll delete B.16 and correct any references in the main text.
  2. Agreed.
  3. Agreed.
  4. Agreed - Times New Roman 11-point type should be 10-point. Well spotted.
  5. In J.2 the presentation of the title of R128 in italics is correct. Format needs to be the same for the following two documents listed. Ditto J.3.
  6. Normally these semicolons (clause 2) should be plain not bold.

    AESSC policy for standards documents is to use plain hyphens throughout. Though nice to look at, n-dashes and m-dashes don't translate to or from ASCII gracefully and make building of web derivatives and on-line databases unnecessarily difficult. Occasionally they appear through copy & paste operations from other sources. These will be checked and corrected as necessary.

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