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last updated 2012-08-16

Comments to date on DRAFT REVISION of AES-2id-xxxx, AES information document for preservation of audio recordings - Extended term storage environment for multiple media archives,
published 2011-08-16 for comment.

Comment received from Stefan Heinzmann, 2012-08-22

Given that we now have AES59 published, might it not be good to include it in the references, and perhaps also add a brief subclause that points to it?

Response from Secretariat

Hi Stefan,

Thank you for your comment on DRAFT REVISED AES-2id-xxxx, published in a formal public Call for Comment on 2012-08-16.

I have forwarded your comments to the working-group chair responsible who will be responding to you directly. It is my own feeling that adding this informative reference would be a simple editorial task.

As made clear in the Call, comments and responses will be published on the AES Standards web site.

Mark Yonge, AES Standards Manager

Comment received from Robin Caine, 2012-08-25

I believe this standard should now be referred to in AES3-4-2009 Normative annex C, clause C.4.2 where there is already reference to Cat5 and RJ45s.

Also in AES-2id last sentence 'There is work in hand...' should now refer to AES63

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