Call for comment on withdrawal of AES35-2000

Published 2010-07-12

Call for Comment on WITHDRAWAL of AES35-2000, AES standard for audio preservation and restoration - Method for estimating life expectancy of magneto-optical (M-O) discs, based on effects of temperature and relative humidity has been published in accordance with our 5-year review policy.

The reason for withdrawal is that the Magneto-Optical discs discussed in this document are no longer in current use and it can be assumed that the content of such discs in former use have now been migrated to newer media. It is noted that, under current policy, the content of this document will remain available through the AES Standards Store as a withdrawn document; also a substantially identical document is available from the ISO as ISO 18926:2006, "Imaging materials - Information stored on magneto-optical (MO) discs - Method for estimating the life expectancy based on the effects of temperature and relative humidity".

The comment period has now closed. There were no comments.

This document was developed by a writing group of the Audio Engineering Society Standards Committee (AESSC) and has been prepared for comment according to AES policies and procedures. It has been brought to the attention of International Electrotechnical Commission Technical Committee 100. Existing international standards relating to the subject of this document were used and referenced throughout its development.

Address comments by E-mail to the AESSC Secretariat at, or by mail to the AESSC Secretariat, Audio Engineering Society, 60 E 42nd St., New York NY 10165, US. E-mail is preferred. Only comments so addressed will be considered. Comments must be restricted to this document only. Send comments to other documents separately.

This document will be withdrawn by the AES after any adverse comment received within three months of the publication of this call on has been resolved. All comments will be published on the Web site.

Persons unable to obtain this document from the Web site may request a copy from the secretariat at

Audio Engineering Society Standards Committee
Draft Comments Dept.

The Brambles
Awre Road
Glos GL15 4AA

Because this document is a draft and is subject to change, no portion of it shall be quoted in any publication without the written permission of the AES, and all published references to it must include a prominent warning that the draft will be changed and must not be used as a standard.

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