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New AES Standards Webinar Series off to a roaring start

The first AES Standards Webinar, presented by SC-04-03-A Task Group co-chairs Merlijn Van Veen and Roger Schwenke on Loudspeaker maximum SPL measurement garnered over 250 attendees.  A recording of the webinar is available for viewing, though registration is required.  See the link  

These webinars will not assume a high level of familiarity with the technical topic being presented and so will be suitable for a wide audience.  Whether you work in the field and want to understand the emerging standard, you want to keep abreast of cutting edge developments in the audio industry or are merely curious about new things, this series should not be missed. 

The second in the series will be at 16:00 GMT on May 17th when Nicolas Sturmel will present the work of SC-02-12-M which is developing a standard for operating AES67 networked audio over wide area networks.

The third in the series will feature Bill Whitlock discussing issues in the analog interface work being done by SC-05-05.  The fourth webinar will be hosted by Anthony Kuzub, chair of SC-05-02, who will present its work on sending analog and AES-3 audio over quad twisted pair cabling.

A recording of the loudspeaker measurement webinar is available for viewing here

Posted: Monday, April 19, 2021

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