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Call for comments on an AES74 Conformance Questionnaire

The AES has just published a request for comments on an AES74 Conformance Questionnaire.

This questionnaire will be the instrument of an upcoming AES survey of network media directory schemes.  The survey will assess the conformance of each scheme with AES74, the recently-published standard requirements specification for media network directories and related services. 

The survey will not evaluate, review, or compare directory schemes or their implementations.  It will simply report on the AES74 conformance of each.

The survey will be done collaboratively with the proponents of the various schemes surveyed.

The survey's conclusions will be published in an AES report that will be of interest to network media equipment manufacturers, to media system designers, and to media company technical architects and strategists.

The survey aims to be inclusive:  If you make, use, or know of a directory scheme that should be included, please inform the AES via email to 

Comments are invited from anyone.  Comments received will be incorporated into the final copy of the questionnaire.  Instructions for submitting comments are in the download page.

The closing date for comment submission is  September 30, 2020. 

More Information and to download a copy

Posted: Tuesday, August 18, 2020

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