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New leadership! New meeting agenda! More meetings! More events!


As per usual there has been a change in leadership this year. With that change in leadership came an initial meeting of current officers. During this time a lot was talked about. Of which was giving you, the student member MORE! In past years the AES chapter had just occassionally met however that will not be the case this year. Among some of the things that we would like to do conducting weekly meetings is ranked highest. Now, I won't make this to long and cumbersome but here is a short list of what we plan to offer this year.
- weekly meetings during convo hour
-industry professional talks on: recording, mixing, mastering, audio for videogames, post production, Making yourself a diverse audio professional, and many many more topics
-crash courses on engineering in general for younger students.
- more trips to studios and other Audio Engineering locations for walk throughs and short talks about the studio
Also you'll want to make sure to like us on facebook ( and follow our NEW TWITTER PROFILE (, where we will make updates regularly. On behalf of the Belmont Univerity AES Student Section, I would like to personally say that I look forward to seeing everyone there. Lets make this year the best year for our Student Sections!
-Trevor Figge
President of the Belmont AES student Section

Posted: Monday, July 14, 2014

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