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Brazil - May 8, 2012

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The technical program prepared three paper sessions in which the thirteen selected papers were presented. There were two additional invited papers: Revision of Voice Quality Evaluation for Telepresence Systems by Luiz Biscainho and Leonardo Nunes and Musical Programming Systems in the 21st Century by Vitor Lazzarini.
This year the Technical Program was extended from three to four days and was held in four rooms. Of the aproximately 30 presentations held in the three day period, highlights go to:
The Education Seminars by SynAudCon and Meyer Sound - almost two hundred people registered for these two all day seminars. Both focused in sound reinforcement, with SynAudCon centering on installation practices (Equalization, Grounding and Noise Troubleshooting and 70V Lines), and Meyer on theory and practice for deploying curved loudspeaker arrays.
A Design Engineering track was formed by Mario di Cola (Feedback systems applications for low frequency reproduction), Rosalfonso Bortoni (State of the Art in analog ICs for Audio), Homero Sette (Subwoofers: dimensioning and arraying) and Joe Begin (Characterizing Classe D amplifiers for R&D)
Aplications audio engineering track was covered by: Tim Vear (RF: yesterday, today and tomorrow), Dan Dugan (Automatic Multi-mic Mixing), Robert Scovill (Evolution of digital mixing consoles). Fernando Fortes and Pedro Lima talked and demonstrade audio measurements tools and Aldo Soares spoke on the differences in designing permanent systems in stadiums and arenas.
In the Broadcast track we had panels discussing Loudness control in Brazilian Television, Mastering in the 21st Century and a presentation on 5.1 audio in Television by Rodrigo Meirelles
In a joint effort with SOBRAC (the Brazilian acoustics society) the acoustics track was covered by: Stelamaris Bertolli (Room acoustics), Gustavo Basso (Acoustics and preservation of Colon Theatre in Buenos Aires), Elcione Moraes (Arquitectural acoustics for recording), Bruno Fazenda (Subwoofer reproduction quality in critical hearing rooms) and Marcelo Portela (Human hearing mechanisms).
Once more we had an outside Line Array demo and, as mentioned above, the exhibits boasted a strong increase in area and new exhibitors.
At the end of the Convention there was a general feeling of satisfaction, with many opinions that this was the best meeting in the 16 years that we have organized them in the country. Next year´s Convention will be held in the same venue on May 7-9.

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