AES Section Meeting Reports

University of Colorado at Denver - March 21, 2012

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Agenda for March 7th Meeting

11:00 am Welcome
11:02 am Announcements

11:10 am Event dates
first week of may for school recording event with alex
tuesday or thursday
or last week in april

Jax Horvath elected as treasurer

going over AES mini awards

review of events
cherokee trail highschool band recording
mike grace tour of grace designs
summer event
small job fair, pro section is working on something similar
jeff kanan is coming during a mastering class workshop
waiting for lorne and jeff to connect for date
tuesdays/thursday 230-330

Ideas for questions for the pro
keylock and chain terminology
how to balance low end in studio mixing between instruments
how to mic drums without 10 mics
how different compressor types effect differing frequency
multiband compressors with side chaining

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