AES Section Meeting Reports

University of Colorado at Denver - February 8, 2012

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AESUCD Meeting Feb 8th; Meeting start 11:10, 6 attending

handing out patches

wear your patches!

talking about the core kit
martin is going to donate two toms and a snare

what we need:
snare stand

people would need to bring their own cymbals

we provide high hat stand

fund raising
10 tips for making your record sound good

talking to drum companies
martin already talked to yamaha and pearl
maybe talk to Keller for snare shell

email alex and others about shelves from family
55" x 33-44"
martin is talking to sam about shelves

recruitment ideas
new MEIS website
have prof talk about AES more

job connections
job fair?
HR recruiters

high school band performance to be recorded in late april or may

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