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Colorado - January 25, 2012

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AES-CO Meeting Notes January 25 2012

1. AES- CO bank account will be open on January 26 2012

2. February Event: CSO Concert and Behind the Scenes Tour

3. March Event: "Hang" Doug Greenlee will organize

4. April Event: Tentatively Planning Cherry Hills Community Church Tour. (Will happen on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.) Joe Erickson is organizing this event.

5. May Event: Career Panel with the location pending. Jeff Smith will check if Comcast Media can host this event

6. June Event: AES Audio Forensics Conference

7. July Event: Nothing planned

8. August Event: Red Rocks will probably not happen according to Joe Erickson.
(Will keep trying but will also explore other possibilities such as the Pepsi Center or the History Center of Colorado)

Misc. Notes

- We need to find productive ways to spend AES-CO money. A guest speaker for 2012? An AES-CO banner?

- We will need to check with Clark Hagan on his suggestion of a Caribou Ranch meeting. Doug Greenlee will contact Clark about this event.

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