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Technical University of Gdansk (Poland) - November 9, 2011

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Magdalena Plewa, the AES Student Delegate Assembly (SDA) Chair for Europe presented SDA activities and structure of the AES SDA. She did an overview of student events from the AES 131th Convention and explained how were they organised. SDA meetings, Recording Competition, Recording Competition, etc. were descibed in details. Also the idea of Student Science Spot and Student Design Competition was mentioned.

The next point of meeting was presentation about four recording studios in New York. During her stay in NY Magdalena has the opportunity to visit: Louis Brown Studio, Sear Sound, NYU Studio and Avatar Studios. Magdalena described in details all of visitied places and studio equipement. She has also shown some pictures and recalled a few anegdotes from the meeting with the producer Tony Visconti in Louis Brown Studio, as well as from assistants working in Sear Sound, on subject how to become the studio assistant, etc.

At the end of the meeting participants discussed participation in student activities during the upcoming AES Convention in Budapest.

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