AES Section Meeting Reports

University of Colorado at Denver - October 5, 2011

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12:40 Meeting start
Approved previous minutes
Announcement of October event

12:45 Accounting of Assignments from Committee Members
Ryan L has sent out emails
choir is interested, school band maybe asthey are busy at the moment
Ryan L will follow up jazz vocal ensemble and choir

David G is going to talk to Arvada West for group recording opportunity

12:50 School could fund rental gear for group recording activites

12:55 David G's sound library recording dates
Switched to November activity

1:00 Martin P has found talent for the October event

1:05 Martin P offers help to fellow students
Letters of recommendation

The AES site has added a beta webpage for the student section
Ryan L put in charge

1:10 Recording idea for events
upload video clips to youtube/facebook with links to audio clips of the different equipment used in the October event

1:15 Open talk
What kind of sounds do we want to record?
exterior sounds (crowds, traffic, etc)
automotive recording

Idea from Jeff M
AESUCD designed shirts for cheap, sell for funds

1:20 Meeting end

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