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Netherlands - September 25, 2011

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The tutorial on Stereo Formats for Film explained how the content of a film or documentary can lead to specific choices for the stereo format. In fact it can even dictate the choice of specific directivity for a mono microphone or a wireless microphone.
Ben Zijlstra led the audience along different microphone systems from mono, along 2ch stereo and LCR, to surround en expressed the need of a good center channel signal even when working in Surround.
Microphone systems ranging from MS, via a non coïncident 5-mic system (Williams) to Soundfiled, Tetra mic and double MS could be examined 'in natura' and results were shown and heard in many short film and sound examples.

We are very grateful to Ben Zijlstra for preparing the many examples and offering us his professional understanding of the matter.
Also a word of thanks to the Dutch Film and Television Academy that kindly made their Cinema available for this tutorial.

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