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University of Colorado at Denver - September 21, 2011

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UCD AES Student Meeting on September 21nd; Minutes:

12:30 Approved previous minutes

12:35 URL for new facebook page sent out

12:40 David Bondelevitch is going to contact the wildlife refuge for recording opportinuties
Idea for creation of IMDB pages is out, unable to do w/o legitimate producer credit
Instead: encourage student film makers to submit their projects to IMDB

12:45 Reviewing ideas for recording high school musical groups
Find a good way to contact these schools
Jazz high school bands may be better for recording due to audition requirements
Ryan Lynette and Alex Layne are both looking into their old schools

12:50 Ideas for guest speakers
John Macy
Kevin Clock
Mickey of Wind Over the Earth
David Glasser of Airshow Mastering

12:55 Additional Event Idea Discussion
UCD student sound library
effects and backgrounds
David Griesinger asked to make a date for first library recording
Guitars and amps tech
Lockheed engine recording

1:00 Everybody write down their #1 audio professional goal!

1:05 Generate interests outside of recording arts people
Jason Karazus - screenplay drama students
Jeff Merkel - physics and EE students

1:10 Signal noise audio labs (Jeff Merkel)
Bi-weekly meetings
One for discussion, one for projects

1:15 Fundrasing idea from Jeff Johnson
Selling library of impulse setting of local venues?

1:20 End of meeting

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