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Italian - June 9, 2011

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A half-day workshop was held in Rimini within the annual meeting of AIA (National Acoustics Association), focused on measurements and processing methods for electroacoustics. This event represents the italian section effort to interact with other audio-related associations in the local territory.
A total of 7 papers were presented on the following topics: measurement methods based on tone bursts (Bigi, Jacchia, Ponteggia); equivalent electric circuit of a speaker with a secondary fixed coil (Ponteggia, Manzini); inverse filtering in multiway speakers for phase response and temporal coherence optimization (Di Cola, Ponteggia); multichannel acoustic inversion algorithms for real-world rooms (Comminiello, Parisi, Scarpiniti, Uncini); FIR filters for time-domain acoustic response optimization (Gandini); techniques for dynamic displacement reduction in loudspeakers (Magalotti); reverberation control in closed rooms (Pellowe, Zanghieri).for real-world rooms (Comminiello, Parisi, Scarpiniti, Uncini).

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