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Brazil - May 17, 2011

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The technical program prepared three paper sessions in which the sixteen selected papers were presented. Topics ranged from audio signal processing to absorbers and diffusors.
Of the over 30 presentations held in the three day period, highlights go to:
Audio for Games with Leonard Paul in which he presented the sound design, tools and techniques for creating for this emerging market.
Currently working with Tom Petty, award winning monitor engineer Greg Looper talked about the different mixing environments in monitoring situations and showed the practical use of virtual soundchecks.
Over one hundred people registered for the special educational seminar: Solving Classic Sound Reinforcement Problems with Modern Tools. Taught by Pat Brown of Synergetic Audio Concepts the seminar extended through all the days of the convention and students learned about the critical elements of system calibration and optimization, gaining more confidence in executing their sound reinforcement duties.
As Keynote Speaker for the Conference, Mark Ureda spoke of the technological evolution of loudspeakers and line arrays and presented his latest (unpublished) paper on the subject.
In all, AES Brazil 2011 accomplished its goal of being the meeting place for audio professionals, companies and scholars where they have not only the opportunity to educate themselves in all aspects of audio engineering but also see and hear audio products in the best possible setups.

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