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San Francisco - April 27, 2010

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While downloading audio and video are gaining popularity on the Internet, live streaming has only been viable in the last year or two. Netconferencing is in relatively its infancy, used mainly for "talking heads" type of business meetings where high video quality is not necessary. Using the developing Internet 2, the research team at CCRMA has expanded this paradigm to remote recording sessions, with high-quality audio AND video. The concept sounds simple: with sufficient bandwidth two or more studios should be able to have a remote session, regardless of where the signals originate.

The meeting was limited to 40 people, and these were split into two groups. We were shown a session between CCRMA and the Banff Centre, with an accompanying chart of bandwidth and time-lag between the two locations. We were also shown the studio from where the sessions took place, shown what gear and networking components were used, and how acoustical modelling simulations could emulate other acoustics. As an additional treat, shown some experimental instruments developed by Chris Chafe.

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