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Colombia - October 2, 2010

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In 2010 the AES Latinamerican Conference took place in Bogotá (Colombia, South America) at the Javeriana University. The main subject of the conference was 3D Audio and over 300 people, among students and professionals, registered for the event. The conference began with a warm welcome speech from Ricardo Escallón, Chairman for the AES Colombia Section. Ricardo presented the panelists of the event and thanked the production committee, sponsors, student sections, and assistants for their hard work and collaboration. The following speakers were presented:

César Lamschtein (URU), Omar Martínez (MEX), Leonard Paul (CAN), Martha de Francisco (COL), Andrés Mayo (ARG), Mark Waldrep (USA), Mauricio Ardila (COL), John Storyk (USA), César Vilar (COL), Carlos Cuevas (MEX), Carlos Watanabe (BRA), Sergio Molho (ARG), Octavio Moreno (COL), Javier Forero (COL), César Ossa (COL), and Ricardo Escallón (COL).

Recording engineer Mauricio Cano from Audiovisión Studios received an award for his many years of work in audio and for his services to the AES as past-Chairman for Colombia Section. Joel Vieira de Brito (current Vp for AES Latin America), Andrés Mayo (past VP for AES Latin America), and Ricardo Escallón presented the award to Mauricio, who gave a humorous speech concluding with his slogan "Do not do what you like, but like what you do".

The student recording competition was a success with over 35 participants from several Latin American countries. The multi-national jury included Mauricio Ardila (COL), Carlos Cuevas (MEX), Martha De Francisco (COL), César Lamschtein (URU), Germán Daniel León (COL), Felipe López (COL), Andrés Mayo (ARG), Juan Reyes (COL), Daniel Orejuela (ECU), Santiago Roa (COL) and Mark Waldrep (USA).

Important companies participated in the exhibition: Yamaki, VCR Ltda., Guitarlabs, FALM (Feria Alternativa de la Música), EMMAT, Diffusion Magazine, ENE Audio, and Loop Live. The exhibitors presented new gear from brands such as QSC, IK Multimedia, Avid, Shure, Sennheiser, Genelec, Studer, M-Audio, Soundcraft and others. Javeriana University and Andes University were also involved as academic sponsors for the conference.

The Technical Tours gave an overview of two of the largest installations in Latin America. First the Ático Center, a unique audiovisual installation, designed by Walters-Storyk Design Group for Javeriana University's audio program, under the project management of Sergio Molho (ARG) and "Teatro de Bellas Artes", the most technologically equipped theater in South America.

The reviews from the attendees were positive and the conference refreshed enthusiasm to keep developing these kind of activities in Colombia and Latin America. Also the thematics exposed encourages students and professionals to start conducting research in new fields such as 3D Audio and Audio for Games as well as to continue developing research in fields such as, Classical Music Production, and Mastering.

The Fifth AES Latin American Conference will take place in Montevideo, Uruguay in August, 2011.

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