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McGill University - January 14, 2010

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John Dunkerley, renowned classical recording engineer, is one of the very few people left with any direct connection to the co-inventors of the Decca Tree: Roy Wallace and Kenneth Wilkinson. Myths and misconceptions have grown up about the Decca Tree and its uses, and it would be useful to dispel some of them. About the guest speaker John Dunkerley was a senior balance engineer at Decca Record Company Ltd. from 1968-1997. He subsequently worked with major labels such as EMI Classics and with the most significant performers of the last five decades. The number of discs he has collaborated on is well over one thousand. John's excellence has been underlined with numerous awards such as: Gramophone, Edison, Juno, Grand prix du disque, Deutscher Schallplattenpreis, Prix Italia, Japan Academy, Classical Brits, Prix Caecilia, Liszt Academy, Stereo Review (Record of the Year), and numerous Grammys. Film credits include his work with Stanley Kubrick.

Items discussed during the meeting prior to the main event:

- Guest lecturer accommodations and budget considerations for March 7-8, 2010 2-day visit
- Preparation of the presentation schedule and of related activities during the 2-day visit, including a recording of the McGill Symphony Orchestra with John Dunkerley and McGill Sound recording students, listening sessions involving the use of the Decca Tree, and the main presentation of John Dunkerley's work and use of the Decca Tree
-Preparation of the abstract for the presentation and publicity (flyers); invitation of AES members from Montreal
- Booking and and considerations related to the presentation location (McGill MMR) including audiovisual equipment, hall capacity, participant reservations, etc.
- Preparation of source material (Powerpoint presentation) from John's documentation
- Preparation of small reception which would take place after the speaker's presentation (wine & cheese).

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