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Italian - May 17, 2010

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During the morning, audio networking was examined. After a brief introduction by Umberto Zanghieri on the needs and opportunities for audio networking, some existing commercial solutions for digital mixers have been presented by Sandro Chinellato, each suited to different usage cases. Yamaha plug-in card solutions
for Cobranet, Ethersound and Dante were shown.
Then, Claudio Allocchio et al. presented a report on field tests and developments dedicated to medium- and long-distance extranet IP audio connections, including remote interaction between classical-trained

In the afternoon, various aspects of software development for audio application were explored. Stefano Daino presented an overview of the various options available on the Apple Mac platform, including the various audio plug-in formats, for both native (software) and hardware platforms (i.e. ProTools).
Finally, Thomas Serafini presented an in-depth session dedicated to digital simulation of analog circuitry for musical purposes, focusing also on system aspects and usage considerations.
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