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U.K. - March 21, 2023

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How does an audio product go from an idea to a shipping product? What are the challenges in developing a back-of-an-envelope sketch into a product on the production line? In this talk Ollie Thomas and Toby Ridley from PMC Ltd will present an overview of, and insights into, their Product Development Process from concept through to finished product.

Ollie Thomas started out in the automotive/motorsport world of engineering, working for Red Bull Technology and others, before moving to audio. He has had several roles at PMC: engineer, R&D manager, and his current role as commercial director, in which he bridges the areas of product development and marketing. Ollie has designed and overseen the development of nearly every product PMC currently manufactures, and takes huge pride in having built the engineering teams that design some of the finest speaker systems in the world.

Toby Ridley first came to PMC as a university placement student, and had an immediate impact with his passion for audio and ability to apply new technologies and concepts to our products. Today, he works on a vast number of R&D projects as well as guiding other engineers on acoustic principles of design. Few people in the world have equivalent expertise in transmission line loudspeakers.

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