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U.K. - December 14, 2022

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Remote production has become a buzz phrase in the television industry over recent years. But what does this mean, what are the advantages and what are the challenges, especially for sound?

Join us live for the Audio Engineering Society Scottish Group Christmas lecture on Dec 14th at 14:00 where Gareth Gordon and Julie Robinson from QTV Sports will follow the journey of sound and vision from the sports field to the viewer, using the latest technologies.

In this lecture Gareth and Julie will talk about how their background in audio and vision engineering allowed them to design (and now manage) QTV Sports innovative remote productions systems. They will demonstrate the real time journey of audio and video signals from a football stadium 30 miles away, to QTV's remote production facilities in Glasgow, whilst covering the various ways signals are embedded, converted, and distributed on the way.

And they will consider the many advantages that remote production offers to broadcasters, their staff, and the world of sport. Finally, Gareth and Julie, drawing on their experience in broadcasting, will take a look at how the evolution of remote production is far from over with many exciting developments to come.

This event is kindly supported by BT Media and Broadcast.

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