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U.K. - January 17, 2023

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With its emphasis on controlling, converting and delivering energy — as opposed to signals and information -- switched-mode power electronics originally had little, if any, relevance to the world of audio engineering. The past three decades have, however, seen a dramatic increase in the overlap between these once quite distinct topics, with switching power supplies now ubiquitous and Class D amplification already a mainstream technology. In his Chairmans' Address, Mike Turner will draw on 35 years' professional experience spanning both disciplines, in a talk that will explore the origins of power electronics and the developments that led to its rapid growth, together with an introduction to some of the key basic technical considerations. We'll conclude with a brief look at some application examples, all, of course, with an emphasis on audio.

Throughout his 30+ years industrial career in power electronics, Mike retained a keen interest in audio electronics and music recording. A growing realisation that his experience of motor design, feedback control systems and dynamics was readily transferable to loudspeakers led to a part-time PhD in active loudspeaker control, and later the development of a novel (now patented) control & linearisation scheme for moving coil drive units. Since 2019 Mike has operated his own consulting and technology licensing business, Active Transducer Research Ltd ('ATRL'), which, in addition to his active loudspeaker IP, also offers Mike's diverse expertise in power and analogue electronics, Class D amplification, motor control and system design / analysis.

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