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Carolinas - October 26, 2022

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AES Meeting Report.

Our meeting was run by our Vice-Chair Terence Ervan. Our Chair was at a funeral for a previous boss. The meeting minutes were read and pass. The treasurer's report also passed. Scott Wynne our treasurer was also at the AES Convention

Our committee reports are as follows, the education committee has not met. The chair has some serious death in the family. We send out condolences. The social committee is trying to get a place to host an event. Our newly formed technology committee has nothing to report at this time.

We had a discussion about the next event.

As for the business part of the evening, Scott Wynne (Treasurer) went to the AES Conference with Liz May (Chair). During this conference, we officially became a chapter. Whohoo!!! Scott ended up giving a report about the conference. Scott said it was a well-attended conference. There were some serious clinicians with good exhibits, but it did not have a lot of breadth. Then Scott was peppered with questions about the conference from gear to who was there.

The video was posted. T shared the news. Everyone is excited. Then we moved on to places who will take interns. We made sure that people realized that need to qualify the level that they need for their interns.

In the for the good of the order, Howie's shows went well. Jeff was looking for a good program for declicking . There were many suggestions offered. This is the where the brain power of this many engineers tried to help.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:58.

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