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Aural Escuela - August 2, 2022

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A new Argentinian student intersectional meeting took place on Tuesday 2 of the current month at the Escuela de Música Contemporánea. We met both face-to-face and via zoom (for members who were unable to appear in person) with the objective of organizing our student presentation at the LAC (Latin American Conference). The following points were treated:
-Firstly, we defined a format for the aesthetic of the slide presentations.
-We defined the number of presenters by section and the basis points of our sections historical review presentations. This will be: Institutional background of the sections, internal student organization, projects that were and are being held, events that were and will be held, comments on what we expect of the future of the section, a point for commenting what we think about our contribution to the AES community.
-On the other hand, we defined the number of speakers by section for a crossover part with the speakers that will represent the LATAM scene at the presentation. Then we discussed the topics that will be treated in that moment: A part for commenting about Argentinian-LATAM relation, we will talk about possible intersectional projects for the future, a debate about how we, students, filter information for study or work in this era of massive quantities of information.
We will reunite in September at Instituto Terciario Tamaba to finish covering all the details with the rest of the students and rehearse our presentations.

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