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Argentina - July 2, 2022

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After the virtual editions of 2020 and 2021, on July 2, 2022, the 4th Rioplatense Audio AES Meeting was held at the AFE Cultural Center in Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay. The sections of Uruguay and Argentina again united to share professional experiences in different fields within the audio industry.
The first talk was given by the experienced César Lamschtein (AES Uruguay, former vice president of AES Latin America) who introduced us to audio forensics and his personal experience as a student of the Master's Degree in Audio Forensics at the University of Denver, Colorado, USA. .
Afterwards, Hernán Gonzalez (AES Uruguay), sound designer and music composer for video games, shared with us his experience in the design and implementation of audio for video games and game engines with his talk "from timeline to 3D".
Later we had an interval for lunch. As in the 2019 edition, a magnificent chef cooked for us: delicious ravioli with spinach sauce, dessert and coffee for all the attendees.
The day continued with a presentation by Gonzalo Varela (Uruguay), an experienced composer and sound designer trained in Chicago, USA, on Audio for Video Games, Middleware and virtual experiences.
Sunset arrived with Federico Moreira and Alejandro Grillo (AES Uruguay, Estudio La Mayor-Cine), who gave us a talk on workflows for audio editing and mixing for film and television.
Finally, Fernando Richard and Francisco Bissone (AES Argentina) talked about the current situation of immersive audio in the music industry, with an emphasis on Dolby Atmos technology.
In its first edition in 2019, the organizers planted the seed of this regional meeting between brothers. Having been able to return to face-to-face and share our experiences and skills will undoubtedly reaffirm the commitment to professional growth in the region. See you in 2023!

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