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Aural Escuela - July 5, 2022

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On Tuesday, July 5th, the 2nd intersectional meeting was held between the Argentinean sections, where members of the board of AURAL, ECOS, EMC and TAMABA were present, along AES Argentina chair, Fernando Bacigalupo, and comitee member & AES Fellow Indio Gauvron. During the meeting, all the topics that were discussed in the previous meeting were polished and closed. The dissertation times of each section and the contents they should have in their presentations were finalized. Doubts were answered regarding the LAC Student Recording Competition. It was also discussed which LATAM students will be present at the LAC to make the presentation and what topics they will talk about. And, finally, what was most focused on was to raise various topics and topics for discussion for the discussion, where there will be a crossover between the Argentine sections and the rest of LATAM. Some of the topics that were raised were:
1) History about the beginning of the ARG/LATAM contact and the growth that this contact had due to the pandemic.
2) What were the objectives of this crossing and what results are being achieved?
3) Possible future joint-projects between sections.
4) Debate on how to approach or filter both the study and the work within the audio, in a modern era where there is too much information.
5) Debate on whether people who make music, buy that music and support the industry.

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