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Aural Escuela - July 2, 2022

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Last Saturday, July 2th, some of us gathered at our school in order to make something we wanted to do from a long time since the pandemic: obtain 1st order Ambisonics IRs using four cardioids. Carla Gatica, our auxiliary advisor, commanded the microphone arrangement and signal decoding (A to B format with binaural monitoring, using both Sennheiser and IEM tools) and the critical distance mics position, with a 90 dB SPL speaker launching pink noise bursts was done by our students, all of them part from both 3D Audio & Acoustics departments. In the same Reaper session, along with the necessary transfer function to make the cuts for the selected IRs, we recorded some transients and speech sounds in order to use them afterwards for other projects. Using spatial visualizers from both Blue Ripple and SPARTA, localization worked very well! More news coming soon...

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