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Aural Escuela - June 30, 2022

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Last Thursday, June 30, a new general meeting of the section was held. This meeting covered various topics, such as the organization of the contents of the blog and the section's networks due to the new Community Manager who joined the section. We also talked about the news of the LAC, where we finalized which projects of the section are going to be part of the AES LAC CONTEO and which person we are going to interview in it. We also discussed the Student Recording Competition of the LAC, where Leandro Rodriguez, the Faculty Advisor of the section, was supporting and answering questions to all those who will participate in the competition. Finally, topics and ideas about the presentations that the section will give at the LAC were discussed, where it was defined how many members will give a talk about the past, present and future of our section and what topics will be addressed in the discussion of the crossroads between Argentina and the rest of LATAM. The latter will be defined in the next intersectional meeting with the rest of the Argentinean sections.

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