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Aural Escuela - June 2, 2022

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Last Thursday, June 2, the first face-to-face meeting between the AES student sections of Argentina took place, with board members of the ECOS, EMC, TAMABA and AURAL student sections.
The main objective of the meeting was the content organization of our participations as Argentinian student sections in the LAC ,alongside with members of Latin American sections. Time limits were set for each section's presentation, and there was some discussion about what contents should be presented and how the exhibition would be organized. We also talked a little bit about the cross between the Argentinean sections and the rest of Latin America, where some topics about how the talk was going to be were discussed, but it was decided to talk about this in more depth in future meetings when we know exactly how many people from Latin America are going to be in-person for the LAC.
We also talked about details of the Conteo AES LAC 2022 and of course the Recording Competition, where we discussed the deadlines for participation and the projects in development for each section, in order to see how many potential projects are going to be presented in both events.

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