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Aural Escuela - May 13, 2022

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In the meeting that took place on Friday the 13th May the members of the section reunited in Aural School.
In this opportunity the members started to record an Echo Chamber with a Blumlein stereo take, according to suggestions and information provided by our faculty advisor. The project is based on a Tango session project with the students of Carla Gatica, for delivering it to AES Japan section, and deals with the recording of an echo chamber using one of our studio rooms. This was our first full presential meeting since the pandemic started!
The way that we dealed with this session was: we choose an acoustic room that was previously RT60 analyzed. Then we put a source (a Genelec speaker) which played far field audio clips from the tango session in direction to the room and recorded them with a Blumlein Take to capture the reflections. After this, we listened to result and mixed it with the rest of the audio clips, enhancing the quality of the musical ensemble.
This was a very rich experience to the students that took part on it, we're very excited to send the project to our colleges in Japan for our collaborative work!

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