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Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences - May 30, 2022

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Filling in for President Ashley Stys was Tyler "Seven" Miller, CRAS AES Vice President. Tyler welcomed everyone and officially started the meeting. Tyler began with customary introductions, asking students their names, current cycle, and their favorite band and/or artist. Once more, Cycle 1 students produced the majority of attendees, with notable exceptions representing upper cycles. Favorite artists/bands included Britney Spears, Queen, Miles Davis, John Williams, and Harry Styles among others.

After a brief period of levity and witty conversation, Tyler discussed AES and its mission. He strongly advocated joining the organization and enumerated the various benefits of membership, some of which consist of news, information, activities, discounts, and career resources. Tyler then introduced the attendees to our other CRAS AES officeholders: Ashley Stys - President; Gregory Bonini — Secretary, James Shaw -- Vice Secretary; Spencer Halpin and Les Danglar - Techs. An overview of upcoming guest speakers and events is provided: CRAS grad Drew Guy on June 13th, Peter Swann of Useful Arts on June 16th, a Spatial Facility Tour with Robert Brock on June 23rd, two Mic Builds on July 28th and July 30th respectively, and then the return to fully onsite classes beginning August 15th.

Tyler briefly reminded everyone of our mentor program, an initiative of students dedicated to academic success, leadership, and community. Mentors in attendance gave a friendly wave.
For industry news, Tyler highlights Fender's Hammertone, a brand-new line of affordable guitar pedals perfect for entry-level and budget-conscious musicians. Hammertone features classic effects such as flanging, distortion, chorus, space delay, reverb, and more.

For our Mix Tip of the Week, a video by musicians Virtual Riot and Modestep was showcased. In it, the duo divulges the multiple techniques employed in the creation of their "Spicy Riddim Drums Vol. 1" sample pack. They describe the use of creative mic placement, such as what they refer to as a "sausage mic" situated between the toms and the kick drum to capture a tinny mono signal which they can then mix back in with processing to taste. The importance of planning, improvisation and the generous application of effects processors was likewise emphasized.

After two solicitations for AES subgroups, Tyler commenced our Upcoming Sessions and Artist Share segment, where several students advertised their skills as rappers, vocalists, and instrumentalists. After a spirited discussion, Tyler solicits advice from an outgoing student in Cycle 12: "Being present is the best way to make connections, friends, and open opportunities." Tyler reminds new students to make the most of their time at CRAS by being present on campus as much as possible.

While the friendly competition of Kahoot! is normally a staple of our meetings, Tyler regretted informing students that he did not have access to the credentials needed in Ashley's absence. He officially ended the meeting and opened the floor to student networking and socialization.

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