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Aural Escuela - April 29, 2022

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In the Meeting that took place on Tuesday the 29th the members of the department reunited via Zoom.
On this opportunity the department started to deconstruct and organize the project that was originally brought forward by Diego Flores.
The project deals with the relationship between the frequency and the ASDR characteristics in the spatial Ambisonics matrix.
The way that we will be facing this subject is: to take a curated library of sounds, mostly acoustic sources, classify them for their content and characteristics (frequency, duration, ASDR) and try them in a Reaper Session. Generating data, that at first will be mostly subjective, trying to think about the relations between the characteristics of the sources and its exteriorization capacity.After this we will try to formulate an hypothesis that will connect all the results and will be contextualized in a more objective way.

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