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Aural Escuela - March 29, 2022

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On Tuesday 29, 2022, a meeting of Aural Escuela's Acoustics and Auditory Perception department of our AES student section of was held, and it was mainly focused project planning and groups for this year's activities.
Particularly, one of the main and most important works of the department this year will be the continuation of the "DIGRA (Difusores por Gradiente de Absorción)" project. These are diffusers that work by absorption gradients, and their development began last year. We agree that this work has great potential to be presented in the AES LAC "Conteo", at a LATAM student level.
As tasks to be carried out, it will be to analyze the IR's captured in the acoustic measurements of the prototype located on the back wall of a control room, and thus obtain results and compare the quality of the room both with and without the prototype diffuser.

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