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Central Texas - March 29, 2022

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This event was a technical tour of the Music Business Performance & Technology department of the new Highland Campus for Austin Community College. This recently-constructed, multi-studio complex is part of the ACC recording arts program where students can earn an associate's degree or various certificates in recording arts. Through the maze of classrooms, rehearsal halls, and computer labs, you'll find a painting of Evel Knievel announcing your entrance to the large studios. In this section, Studio A is equipped with a Rupert Neve Designs 5088 console and has a large tracking room with two separate iso booths. Studio B has an SSL AWS series console and a more modest tracking room suitable for ensembles like a rock trio. Among the halls outside these larger studios are doors to smaller mixing suites, at least five.

This facility has gotten some good press recently, especially in August last year (2021) in The Chronicle calling the studios a "world-class facility" and exclaiming "I can't believe I'm in the lower level of what used to be Austin's shittiest shopping mall" among other praises.

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