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Aural Escuela - March 8, 2022

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For the first Meeting of the year the new board reunited through the Zoom platform.
The new members of elected board were introduced; and afterwards we discussed the details of each position and the ways to communicate, support and sustain each other and the departments so the growth of the section and the projects were maximized.
After this, the following subjects were discussed: first we deal with the activities related to the incoming LAC that it's going to happen here in Argentina. After, the necessity of organizing the Student Section in terms of the possibility of lectures, also in terms of work planning and all the details that are concerned in that matter, such as the time for presentations, formats, the reviewing of past works and future projects by each department. This is important because it's related to show all the work made by the section since it's very beginning inside the LAC conference.
The meeting was followed by the discussion around the future contact with other professionals and student sections of the world besides Latin American regions. The possibility of reaching Japan, for example, in terms of projects and a possibly co-work with their Student Section. Also, the need of further healing work of such possibilities were noted to be discussed in more depth with the heads of the departments in the next general meeting concerning the current project status.
In a more internal matter we discussed the possible ways of funding projects, feeds, donations and the general administration of the Section in financial terms, led by the new treasurer.
The meeting concluded with a general review of everything that was discussed and a candid
goodbye from the members of the new board.
Chair: Diego Flores
Secretary: Federico Morales
Treasurer: Julián Perasso
LATAM Secretary: Adrián Corvalán
ROTW Secretary: Josefina Martino

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