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Sydney - October 14, 2021

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The meeting saw an excellent turn-out for an online event in the last days of the current lockdown for Sydney. David Cooper and Michael Mason of Dolby gave an overview of Dolby Atmos technology with a special focus on emerging applications in games and XR with the headphone experience in mind. The presentation included some interesting 'myth-busting' regarding aspects of the spatialisation process both within Atmos and within game engines that helped to highlight the challenges and opportunities for audio creators. The presentation elicited some interesting discussions around the panning model and the need for translation between so-called egocentric and allocentric frames for positioning audio objects within a scene. Attendees made a strong contribution to the discussion with many specific use-case issues coming to the fore.

The second half of the meeting saw the official launch of the cooperative research project between Dolby and the University of Technology Sydney targeting "next-generation immersive audio for computer game engines". This was presented by Robert Sazdov from UTS and outlined the goals, methods, expected outcomes, and doctoral research student recruitment for the research program. Opportunities were identified for content creation professionals amongst the participants to contribute to the research program through interviews and case studies.

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