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Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences - January 3, 2022

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Meeting summary: General meeting

Started with intros and the question: Intro to AES, mission statement, and benefits of being a member.

Question: How was your Holiday Break? Anyone want to do a gear share next week?

Announcements: WELCOME BACK CRAS!

Industry News:

Artist Share: Floor opened up for students who are musicians to offer their talents to any possible upcoming sessions

Subgroups: Opportunity for students to create special interest groups with other students
Tonight's subgroups:
Live Sound Subgroup meeting at Live Sound Room at 8
Synthesizer Subgroup meeting at Tempe MIDI Lab at 8
Discussed starting Mixing Subgroup
Discussed starting Veteran's Subgroup

Mix Tip of the Week:

Mix Club: A track from Cambridge Music Technology's multitrack library is shared for everyone to mix and then discuss at the next meeting.
Tonight's Track:

Gear Share: Dean Crenshaw showed off his Trigger Plugin by Slate and showed its versatility in Gating.

• CRAS Announcements
• Intro to CRAS Mentor Program and upcoming mentor tutoring opportunities

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